Monday, October 5, 2009

Self improvement, New ideas, Creativity

What happens to all those inspirations?
As we attend to our daily errands, various ideas come to our minds, as we take in the signals from our surroundings with our sensors. For example, you may go to a shop and feel that the sales staff can offer a better service by simply rearranging the shop in a certain manner. You may buy a consumer product and feel that it will be of more use if a certain feature is added to it. When I browse the web, I get frustrated with the way some people try to sell things with squeeze pages. When I launch my own squeeze page, I will do things differently.
So, what happens to all these bright ideas we get? In general, we forget most of them with our busy lifestyle. How would you put these ideas in to practice?
The very first thing you must do is to take them down. I came across this concept in a book about self improvement that I read. I thought it was worth giving a try. I got myself a small note book which I named ‘my ideas book’. I started carrying it around it with me and jotting down the new ideas that came to my mind on it. I committed myself to read through it at least once a day. That motivated me to try some of them out. Because they were my own inspirations, it was quiet enjoyable working on them. Reflecting back, I’m surprised to see how much I have accomplished and learnt ever since I started carrying my ideas book around with me. I have learnt a lot about computers and internet in particular. I have been able to lay out the foundation for an online business. One idea lead to another and a lot of exiting things came in my way. I’m still in to this habit and will be in to it.
Try this technique and it will help you to live the life that you always wanted. It is a very nice experience when your own idea adds some quality to your life. This habit will boost your creativity too.

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