Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Every incident has a reason

Recall some special incident of your life. Recall how that incident had an impact on your life. Recall what caused the present state of your life. This could be a person you met, a job you got, a place you visited, some you read, something you lost, an accident, etc. because of those incidents, you are now where you are, what you are. Had those circumstances been different, your life wouldn’t have been what it is now.
These incidents that come as help, aid in anyone’s life. Serendipity, dreams, and intuition give you messages. They tell of things about to happen. Many incidents of life lay the foundation for further events. You see with your eyes, hear with your ears, feel with your skin, and think with your mind. All these things generate some energy. This energy causes future events or thoughts. Everything happens for a reason. Every incident causes a result. Every result causes further incidents. If you bear in mind that everything happens for a reason you realize that everything that take place in life can be a good basis for a positive change in the future.
The present appears positive to you. You become open to what goes on at present. You stop worrying. You expect everything to lead in to some good eventually. Your mind gets focused constantly on success.