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Brain Wave Entrainment For Beginners - What is Brain Wave Entrainment? By Jon Beebe

There are lots of complex definitions and technicalities surrounding brain wave entrainment, but I feel as though the internet lacks a very simple, yet understanding explanation of the whole thing. For the sake of this article; however, I'll focus on only one type of brain wave entrainment, and that's entrainment through the use of audio. If I had to describe brainwave entrainment in just a few sentences, I would say:

Brain wave entrainment through sound audio is a simple audio track that has audible "pulses" embedded in with either soft music or nature sounds, for the sole purpose of causing your brain to enter a specific frequency. Your brain operates on different "brainwave frequencies" depending on the physical or mental activities you are engaged in, and these frequencies can be altered or changed by applying a repeated stimulus for only a few minutes.

When you are exposed to brainwave audios, the audible pulses are spaced out evenly, and what determines how much time is between the pulses will determine the frequency range that your brain will "clone" or "entrain" itself to.

How Do We Know About Brainwave Frequencies?

EEG Machines can "scan" the brain and measure different frequency ranges that the brain is currently in. While performing certain physical or mental activities and the various mental states (physical activity, reading, writing, sleeping, anger, sadness, etc.), the frequencies among everyone's brain are consistent. So when someone has been focusing and is in deep concentration for a period of time, their frequency range would be the same for someone doing the same thing.

The problem is, your brain might not always be in the right frequency range for certain activities, or you may be in a frequency range that stimulates anger, when you most likely would want to be "happy" if you had a choice.

Brain wave entrainment allows you to change your brain's current frequency, and experience a higher concentration of it at the same time. So, for example, someone who has been reading a book and focused for a long time would not be AS focused as someone doing the same thing but listening to a brain wave entrainment audio designed specifically for the purpose of promoting deep focus and concentration.

What is brain wave entrainment? It is a powerful tool for self-improvement that anyone can benefit from, and it is completely safe and extremely effective.

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